An effective partner to help you save money by cutting costs, optimise IT Digital Services and rationalise business applications

We are experiencing an unprecedented economic downturn due to COVID-19. The speed of impact calls for urgent cost-cutting measures to ensure organisations stay viable for the future. Service Providers are deferring invoicing for up to 6-months and contract values dropping by over 35%. These are short-term and desperate measures, but this does not address the need for urgent restructure.

Why IT Restructure as a Service (ITRaaS)

Our aim is simple:

We work with organisations who urgently need to cut and optimise their IT costs while demonstrating business value as we enter a period of economic uncertainty and downturn. Our accelerated approach delivers measurable results from cost reduction and optimisation.

Cut Costs

Immediately set out to cut costs to eliminate waste and remove capabilities that are no longer part of future plans. This will free up resources, time and funds to reallocate in prioritised areas.

Cost Optimisation

Engage across IT functions, the business and Service Providers using cost optimisation to improve the efficiency of IT and business Digital Services. The organisation will be better placed to respond to the changing business climate and market pressures.

Value Optimisation

Identify opportunities to leverage value optimisation for investment in new and/or transformed IT and business Digital Services, to deliver a competitive advantage.

A Good Plan

A flexible and well-governed plan should have a clear goal, with strategic steps and tactical projects. The plan should be allowed to evolve and be updated as opportunities are identified and delivery can be prioritised. With an emphasis on programme and project turnaround experience, we accelerate delivery to meet desired outcomes.

Culture Change

Management buy-in to support a shift towards a “can-do” culture is critical to ensure delivery success. Communication and transparency are key to bring staff on the journey.

IT Finance and Cost Management

All CAPEX and OPEX expenditure must be assessed against future viability, recovery and growth. We can enhance the IT Finance Management function so it is robust, transparent and controlled.

Our Approach

We draw on our many years of IT experience across industry sectors to offer a programmatic approach to cutting and optimising costs and realising value. We have designed a structured and responsive approach which can be adapted to align with your specific challenge.

Measure and assess current and committed IT spend aligned to Digital Services

From the outset, identify where to eliminate costs to reduce waste and identify functions that are non-strategic. This will free up resource, time and budget to target initiatives.

  • Define principles that deliver measureable outcomes
  • Identify and prioritise quick-win opportunities
  • Identify and assess renegotiation opportunities
  • Minimise risk to IT operations and service delivery
  • Assess where previous consulancy spend can be leveraged
  • Include staff on the journey, communication is key
  • Identify the retention and up-skill of key staff
  • Shape and track emerging Action Plan

Optimise costs, automate and improve the efficiency of business applications and IT functions

Realign IT strategy with the business direction. Rationalise the demand and consumption of IT Digital Services. Improve functionality, user experience and automate business application processes.

  • Improve efficiency and increase productivity
  • Rapid digital prototyping of business applications
  • Rationalise, transition and automate ways of working
  • Target small scale transformations to simplify complexity
  • Reduce cost-to-serve and remove legacy ways of working
  • Year-on-year service improvement programme
  • Software licensing optimisation and standardisation
  • Remove obstacles to decommission

Reset for a flexible and responsive IT Operating Model

Optimise value from existing investments and identify new capabilities required to support Digital Services.

  • Repurpose staff and capabilities to business priorities
  • Protect key staff and streamline productivity
  • Improve staff efficiency and accountability
  • Measure staff and capability performance
  • Realign staff alongside business to support change
  • Impact Sourcing mix with proven hybrid sourcing model
  • Supplier augments service by task managing your staff
  • Supplier responsibility to technically up-skill your staff
  • Culture change – remove man-marking of Suppliers

Accelerate Delivery – Action Plan that produces quick wins through prioritised cost reduction

Hands-on sponsor engagement and visibility with staff. Accelerate delivery and track an evolving plan and measure success.

  • Deliver a flexible plan that responds to changing priorities
  • Proactive day-to-day management and tracking of plan
  • Ensure obstacles are worked through promptly
  • Measure success and communicate

Our Work

Energy + Natural Resources


Insource and optimise IT Service Operations and Delivery capability (SIAM Service Tower). OPEX cost reduction of 25% from outsource arrangement.


Fast-track insource over 3-months aligned to lean Target Operating Model and reduced headcount.

First year 2.5% OPEX target reduction delivered.

Further 2.5% year-on-year cost reduction KPI and Action Plan implemented.

Finance – Commercial Lending


Rationalise manually intensive sales process and increase productivity and customer conversion.


New mobile app incorporating flexible term/borrowing calculator to align with customer expectation (delivered within 1-month).

80% reduction in printing and postage costs - incorporated compliant digital approval and paperless contract.

50% staff productivity improvement, significant reduction in duplicating data capture and shortened sales process.

Improved customer experience - graphical finance slider with term/borrowing options resulting in higher conversion rate.

Public Sector – Higher Education


Design an alternative to traditional IT in/outsourcing models and mitigate the shortcoming of these approaches.


Designed and delivered a Hybrid sourcing model (“One Team” - Supplier task managed service and upskill staff) for Network and End User services. Extend legacy asset lifespan and transform on demand.

Emphasis on year-on-year continuous improvement (reducing contract cost by 2% p/annum).

Lean Operating Model with up to 25% less staff.

Our Team

Our experienced and pragmatic approach is designed to deliver quantifiable results. We believe that taking bold decisions and delivering at pace contributes to your future viability and success.

Subject Matter Expertise

We apply people and process, technical and financial rigour to identify candidates for cost reduction in order to reduce and optimise cost to serve.

Sourcing and contract optimisation

Project and programme turnaround - accelerate change transformation

Streamline and rationalise the operation of Digital Services

Legacy and decommission rationalisation

Rapid business application transformation to digital (reduce cost to serve, automate processes and improve experience)

IT Finance and cost management visibility and accuracy

Optimise consumption and behaviours of Digital Services

Rationalise and remove shadow IT (uncontrolled costs)

How We Work

There are several engagement options if you are considering external support. We provide an alternative to using large named consultancies. We can assess and leverage previous consultancy spend. We offer a highly focused and experienced team alongside your internal capability to achieve a more tailored outcome.

We have designed IT Restructure as a Service to avoid costly consultancy resource. Our one-team ethos employs a simple goal; we want the engagement to succeed and for outcomes to be realised. With a strong work ethic and commitment, we set up the governance, build and deliver against the plan with a clear principle to “make it happen”.

In parallel, we identify and assess cost-cutting and optimisation opportunities inline with your particular challenge, which are then prioritised in the plan and successfully delivered.

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